Moustache started in 1975, in Beirut Hamra as a small shop at Bliss street. Since then, Moustache has continuously achieved remarkable growth. It expanded both its brand portfolio and branch network in the Lebanese Market. Today Moustache is a leading local fashion retail network of over 23 stores. Moustache employs more than 450 professionals who have the excellent product knowledge, good customer service, while also  delivering  exceptional  portfolio of international brands.

Mission & Values

Moustache mission is to present latest fashion trends to Lebanese market, by which fundamental values shared by all Group stakeholders: 

- The shopping experience 

- Brand reinforcement

- Our Unique Team

The Shopping Experience

Moustache believes that shopping is an experience that is to be enjoyed. There are different factors that leads to our success , our business development team , and the search for product of high caliber  in terms of design and quality. 

Our brand range, store location , they way our items are displayed  and our staff's ability to make customers feel they are at home when they walk into our stores are  what makes shopping at moustache a unique experience. 

Brand reinforcement

Moustache has exceptional reputation for its brands line up. achieved due to the epitome of its product's' quality and excellence. This is achieved due to the collective effort over the years to provision our means of communication with our customers and potential customers to maintain the brands image.

Our Unique Team

Moustache’s teamwork and the goal of providing the best customer experience available is what makes moustache a leading name in the fashion retail industry.

The company’s dynamic environment encourages one's drive to achieve his/her goal . 
Moustache  staff skills are always  developing  by improving the quality of service, and brain storming new ideas that makes the buyer's journey a unique one.