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Pink Pink Glitter Tape

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Are you ready to reveal the perfect home elegance with Pink Glitter Tape Cetik? Pink Glitter Tape Cetik creates a throne in hearts with its unique design. With its original and stylish form, it wraps your feet in a perfect harmony, while its soft sole takes all the tiredness of the day and makes you feel comfortable and peaceful. Warm touches of Pink Glitter Tape Cetik's plush texture that warms the soul; It makes every moment you spend at home even more special. The shiny polka dot embroideries on the top turn the whole winter into a glittering fairy tale. The elastic band on the wrist provides a comfortable and safe experience, while adding an attractive atmosphere to home combinations. If you are looking for a style that will crown your pleasant times at home, Pink Glitter Tape Cetik invites you to a stroll above the clouds!

  • woman
  • bootie socks

Product Code: PN0E3RP021SK

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